Global Error

Error: “Sequence failed, Bot user unsubscribed”

This error is triggered whenever the bot tries to sent a sequence to a bot user who has been unsubscribed from the bot.

The user needs to be resubscribed in order to receive the sequences.

Once the bot user is resubscribed you can use the action in the basic action, subscribe to sequence to re-subscribe the user as per screenshot below:

Or go to “bot users”, and select the contacts, and then in the “bulk action” dropdown, select “subscribe to sequence”

Error: “Data size is over 20000 characters”

For the user custom field, the max storage limit is 20000 characters. To solve the issue, reduce the character you are trying to save.

If you are saving the value from inbound webhooks or our internal integration actions, use data pre-processing to narrow down the value you want to save.

You can find the data preprocessing in the inbound webhook setting below:

You can also find the data preprocessing in the external request as per screenshot below:

Error: “Operation timed out after 30001 milliseconds with 0 bytes received”

This error is usually triggered by an OpenAI integration action. The default timeout for openAI natively is 30 seconds after which Rapidbott servers timeout. If a server timeout before receiving a reply back from OpenAI, this error is logged.

To reduce the chances of this error occurring, reduce the Chat history or optimize the prompts and system messages so that the request takes less time to execute. You can also break a larger chat history into smaller chunks and using an intent detection system as a workaround. For more information, refer to the video:

Coming Soon...

Error: “Data Store Error: Connection is not verified”

This error usually occurs when you try to integrate your database to Rapidbott. The connection establishes however Rapidbott is unable to verify the connection. In most cases the reason for this is incorrect credentials. There are cases where the IP isn't whitelisted and hence the connection fails to establish.

Input the correct credentials and the connection will be verified. If you are integrating MongoDB, you can use the video below as reference:

Coming Soon...

Error: “Notification Content must not be empty”

This error is triggered whenever you are trying to send a notification and the body/content of the notification is empty.

To resolve this, make sure that the body of the notification is not blank. If the body consists out of a custom field then check the bot user to see if that custom field populated properly.

Error: “Broadcast failed, Bot user unsubscribed”

This error is because the user has unsubscribed from your bot when sending the broadcast.

If you don’t want to see the error, you can add conditions in your broadcast flow, only send the broadcast to the user who subscribed to your bot.

And you can also choose to delete the unsubscribed user to keep only your engaged users in your chatbot.

You can create the triggers in the automation: User Unsubscribed from Bot, and trigger a flow with “delete user” action inside.

Our platform also has an auto clean up feature, you can find the settings in “Settings” -> General -> Bot Users Auto Cleanup(only the owner can see this setting).

Error: “Open AI not connected”

This error is triggered when you try to use an OpenAI action but the workspace is not integrated with OpenAI yet.

To integrate OpenAI, Click on “Integration” from the dashboard of your workspace, search for OpenAI under the Artificial Intelligence tab and enter your OpenAI API Key.

Click on Save and make sure the connection says “Verified”

Note: Organization ID is optional, you can leave it empty.

Error: “SpreadSheet is not selected”

This error is triggered when you trying to use a google-sheet action and the spreadsheet isnt selected.

There can be several other reasons as well. This could happen if you installed a template and the google sheet was not copied to your own account.

This can happen if your workspace does not have google sheets integrated yet and thus the installation of the template was not able to install a copy of the used google sheet to your account

Make sure you connect your Google account in Integration -> Data/File Storage, and also select the correct spreadsheet in the Google sheet action.

Error: “Pro feature only”

This error is triggered when you try to use an action which is only available to users on Pro plan or Above. In order to use these actions, you will have to upgrade your workspace from free plan to Pro, Pro Plus or Business plan.

Error: “Request timeout”

This error is triggered when you are using External Request action and the external API call doesn't return an answer within 15 seconds.

The Rapidbott servers time out after 15 seconds. The solution is to make sure the API call is completed within 15 seconds. If you want to increase this limit, you can do so by purchasing an add-on here:

Note: You can handle this error within your flow using the response code “0”

If you can’t optimize the timeout, you can choose to purchase the time-out add on. You can increase the timeout limits by 10 seconds for $20 each. You can test with a postman to check how long it takes for your server to generate a response, if you can use Australia server/IP address to test, that would be more accurate.

You can purchase the timeout expansion here:

Please note, it’s $20 per month for every 10 seconds extra. The add-on is at the bot level. For example, if you want to increase the limit by 30 seconds, then change the quantity to 3 from the above payment link and it will cost you 60$ per month.

Error: “Message not sent because not subscribed”

This error is triggered whenever the bot tries to send a message to a bot user who is no longer subscribed to the bot.

You can use “opt-in” action in the flow builder, actions → basic actions. You can also resubscribe the bot users using “Subscribe to bot” action → basic actions.

Error: “Over 100 sequences subscribed in last 24 hours”

The platform has the rate limits of max 100 sequence subscription. If you have subscribed to the sequence more than 100 times, you will receive this error.

You will need to optimize your “subscribe to sequence” action in your flow.

This usually happens when the user is testing flows, or having an endless loop somewhere in your flow design. Normally the limit is enough for the chatbot automations.You need to check your flow logic to fix the issue.

Error: “Google Sheet is not connected”

This error is triggered when you are trying to use a google sheets action and it's not integrated with your workspace.

To integrate Google Sheets, follow the video below:

Coming Soon...

Please make sure you give all the permission asked when you are connecting your Google sheet account.

Error: “Bot users in workspace is over limit”

This error means that you have reached your plan limits for both users. Hence the automations will not continue further.

You will need to delete bot users manually or set up automation deleting rules in the Channel, then go to settings, then “General”, and then set up “bot user limits” & “Bot users auto cleanup”.

Please note the bot user limits & cleanup settings are only available to the owner of the workspace. Refer to the video below:

Coming Soon...

Also you can upgrade to the higher plan which has higher bot user limits.

Error: “The rate limit has exceeded, Please retry again after some time”

This error is usually triggered when a broadcast is being sent or you are having huge conversation live traffic and it hits 100 errors per 5 minutes for your bot.

The broadcast will be paused temporarily.

Rapidbott will keep counting the error messages every 5 minutes. If you have fewer errors than our limits, your broadcast or your bot will resume.

To resolve this error is to make sure you optimize your flow to handle the errors.

You can open your bot, and got to “Tools” -> Error logs, and then if you click “Node” in your error logs, it will redirect you to the flows, you can check and optimize your flow.

Note: If you are using rate limits feature, this error will also be logged if you exceed those limits.

Error: “Over max execution time limit of 40 seconds”

This error is triggered whenever there isn't a user interaction for 40 seconds.

By default, Rapidbott offers a max execution time of 40 seconds. So if you have a question node(which considers user interaction) triggered. and starting from this point, Rapidbott will move forward with your flow logic for max 40 seconds. You will need to have another user interaction(question block) within 40 seconds, otherwise you will see this error.

A few of the user interaction actions examples:

  • Question node - asking questions

  • Click buttons or quick replies

  • The user reply back to your bot

Please note, if you are using external request action or openAI action, the response time from the 3rd party is also considered in the timeout limits.

The solution is to add more user interaction in your chatbot flow. Every user interaction will reset the max execution time.

Also, you can choose to purchase the max execution timeout add-on. You can increase the timeout limit by 10 seconds for 20$/month each.

For example, if you want to increase the limit by 30 seconds, then change the quantity to 3 and it will cost you 60$/month.

You can purchase the timeout expansion here:

Please note, the add-on is at the bot level. Contact Rapidbott support once the payment is made, please be specific about the workspace ID & bot name in your email.

Error: “Over 30 steps without interaction step”

In Rapidbott flow designs, every node is considered one step.

It doesn’t matter how many actions you are using in that node, but between one user interaction to the next user interaction, you can’t have more than 30 steps. This will include the background or parallel flows that are triggered.

A few of the user interaction actions examples:

  • Question node - asking questions

  • Click buttons or quick replies

  • The user reply back to your bot

To resolve this error, try to optimize your flow logic(like break up bigger automations into small flows) and avoid endless loops.

Error: “Card title is empty”

If you are using “card element” in the send message block. you will need to make sure the card title has value.

If you are using a user custom field - variable in the card title, you will need to make sure the variable has the value. you can check this by looking at the bot user overview and select the bot user which has the error triggered for. Ensure that the custom field used for the card title has any value. If not then it means your steps before this node have an issue you need to troubleshoot somewhere

Otherwise, you will see the error. If you are using a user custom field in the card title, you can use the condition check before sending the card, and notify the admin if there is any issue like this.

Error: “Purchased add-on, delete the bot, What to do next?”

So here is how our billing works, So Imagine you purchased an extra bot add-on, which is 5 points per month($5/M). The invoice is generated immediately.

And you have been using it for 15 days, let’s say, and then you decided you don’t need this bot anymore. and you deleted the bot.

So, what happens now is:

· Since you used 15 days for this bot, so the cost for that would be 15/30 = 0.5 pts per day, so 15 days, it would be 7.5 Pts.

· So once you delete the bot, these 7.5 Pts will be refunded to your Addon Points in your account.

So, if you are still using the Rapidbott service, these credits Pts are going to be used to cover your monthly Add ons. Say, your monthly payment is coming up, it should be 15 Pts per month.

Since you still have 7.5 Pts credit in your account, we will only charge you the gap for it. so we will charge you 7.5 Pts for this month's payment.

Also, if you decide to add another member, which will cost you another 5 points per month($5/M), we will only charge you 2.5 Pts for this add-on.

So the balanced credit will be used to cover the cost of your add-on or monthly subscription cost.

Error: “Over 100 smart delay used in last 24 hour”

Max 100 smart delay action can be triggered to every bot user. Inspect and modify the node causing the issue to prevent an endless loop that triggers smart delay actions, ensuring adherence to the 100-action limit per bot user within 24 hours.

Possible causes:

The error occurs when the bot user has received the maximum allowed 100 smart delay actions within 24 hours, potentially due to an endless loop triggered within your flow.

Possible solutions:

To address this issue, inspect the specific node in your flow that's causing the error and ensure that you haven't set up an endless loop automation.

Modify the automation logic to prevent the continuous triggering of smart delay actions and ensure that the limit of 100 actions is not surpassed. This involves adjusting the flow to avoid repetitive or infinite loops that might lead to exceeding the smart delay action limit.

These errors are mostly seen in channels like WhatsApp where the typing feature is not present. We updated our typing block to automatically convert to a waiting delay if the channel in question does not support typing. This way you do not have to use the smart delay anymore and could solve the issue of your problem.

Error: “Upload failed. You have reached the limit of storage size(1GB). Connect to your S3 storage to continue upload”

We allow 1GB free storage for the upload files, if you need extra storage files, you can create a free cloudinary or S3 account, to store them.

You can also manage your content media library by going into your workspace’s dashboard and clicking on the My Contents tab.

Error: “PostgreSQL Integration - Table isn’t synced”

First of all, Only support the tables with auto-increment primary key id

Also, Once the table is synced to Rapidbott, we don’t delete the synced table even if it's deleted in your Postgresql database.

Because you might still use them in your chatbot datastore action. You can manually delete the table from the Rapidbott side.

Please note, once the table is deleted from the Rapidbott side, even if you sync the same table back to Rapidbott, the datastore ID might still change.

Error: “This team has too many team members for the selected plan”

The error "This team has too many team members for the selected plan" occurs when attempting to upgrade the plan, indicating an excess of bots or members in the current plan.

The solution involves removing surplus bots or members to fit within the limits of the current plan before upgrading.

Possible Reason for Error:

The error likely arises due to the current plan's limitation on the number of team members or bots, exceeding the permissible count for the desired upgrade. To resolve this, removing additional members or bots is necessary to fit within the constraints of the selected plan.

Possible Solution:

To resolve the issue, before upgrading the plan, ensure the number of team members or bots adheres to the limits set by the desired plan.

This involves removing excess members via the workspace settings and deleting surplus bots by navigating to "All bots," selecting the specific bot to delete, and choosing the delete option from the dropdown menu.

Once the excess members or bots are removed, proceed with the plan upgrade, and subsequently re-add the necessary members or bots accordingly.

Or you can upgrade to a higher plan which has more limits than your existing plan.

Error: “Inbound webhook request limits”

By default, the inbound webhook limit is 500 requests within 24 hours, if more requests are sent to the inbound webhook URL. it will be ignored.

If you want to check the inbound webhook limits, simply use an external request to trigger the inbound webhook URL, and check the response header, you will find the limits, and how many requests are left.

Check below for more details:

pageInbound Webooks

Increase the inbound webhook limits

If the user need extra inbound webhook, they can purchase based on below information:

500/day - Included -› 15K requests/per month 1000/day - $20 per month -› 30K requests/per month 2000/day - $40 per month -› 60K requests/per month 3000/day - $60 per month -› 90K requests/per month 4000/day - $80 per month -› 120K requests/per month 5000/day - $100 per month -› 150K requests/per month 10000/day - $200 per month -› 300K requests/per month

Payment link:

You can select how many add-on they want to purchase, and every unit means 1000 requests per day, cost is $20 per month.

The inbound webhook limit is designed at bot level. not workspace level. You will need to provide the flowNS or workspaceID & bot name.

When the payment is done, please send support the bot name & workspace ID or email. We will process your request within 1 business day.

Error: “Import contact show strange character - For example Hebrew language”

You might face this issue if you are importing contact into the bot user section, and the value is all special characters. This usually happens with RTL languages, like Hebrew, Arabic. It’s because of the encoding system isn’t supported well with RTL languages.

You will need to convert the import files into UTF-8 encodings first.

The solution will be:

(1) Open an Excel file where you have the info (.xls, .xlsx ) (2) In Excel, choose "CSV (Comma Delimited) (*.csv) as the file type and save as that type. (3) In NOTEPAD, open the saved .csv file in Notepad (4) Then choose -> Save As..and at the bottom of the "save as" box, there is a select box labeled as "Encoding". Select UTF-8 (do NOT use ANSI or you lose all accents etc). After selecting UTF-8, Choose select any type under "Save as type" then save the file to a slightly different file name from the original.

Important note, the title can’t be saved in Hebrew as it will throw an error when importing. So save the title in English format.

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