WhatsApp Common Questions(FAQ)

  • How can I reply to clients on my mobile phone?

Once you connect the phone number with WhatsApp cloud API, you won’t be able to use this number in the WhatsApp business or WhatsApp personal app. You can login to the Rapidbott platform, and then live chat to reply to your clients on desktop.

  • Can I use my current mobile WhatsApp number in the WhatsApp cloud API?

You can not use your existing WhatsApp number on the WhatsApp Cloud API. You will either have to delete your existing WhatsApp account and then you can use the same number in the WhatsApp Cloud API or you need to get a totally separate number for the WhatsApp Cloud API account.

We recommend you get a new number for the WhatsApp Cloud API.

  • How can I delete a phone number from a business account?

You can refer to the link below to delete the phone number from your business account. https://developers.facebook.com/docs/whatsapp/phone-numbers#delete-phone-number-from-a-business-account

  • I am using 360Dialog currently, do I need to switch to Cloud API?

Here is the difference between 360Dialog & WhatsApp cloud API, here is a table for your reference:

In summary, with 360dialog, the client has access to different WhatsApp offers (Cloud API, Business API, on-premise), hosting and performance upgrades (Premium Package, local hosting, multicores), and different support levels and SLAs - none of which is offered by Meta directly.

If you are using WhatsApp cloud API, it’s a little cheaper. You can get started easily with the test phone number & free 1000 session messages.

You can make your own decision based on the information above.

  • I can’t connect my business account under WhatsApp cloud API?

Currently, you can only connect a business account to one of Rapidbott workspaces. If you need to switch to a different workspace, you need to disconnect and reconnect again to the new workspace.

  • The “#131008 parameter invalid” error keeps occurring, what to do?

If all other CUFs are filled properly and you are still facing a parameter invalid issue, then please make sure that the phone number of the user is properly formatted. Wrong formats (number without country code, number with local code etc) usually results in an invalid parameter issue.

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