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Rapidbott now allows its users to connect WhatsApp numbers via Com bot. Com bot is a WABA service provider that provides on On-Premises as well as cloud API access to its users.

Making an Account On Com Bot

Visit and create an account on Com bot. Sign up for the free trial by clicking on the “Start Now” button

Enter the required information in the given fields

After signing up, you will receive an email with login details (which you can change later) in your email. You can use that to sign into your Com bot account at

Connecting WABA With Com Bot

Once you are logged in, click on “Go To WABA”

You’ll need three things to connect your Business Manager with Com bot.

  1. Email validation (verify your email with Com Bot)

  2. A phone number which is not currently being used with whatsapp

  3. Old Facebook Account (Used for Business Manager creation/connection)

Inside the dashboard click on “Create New WABA”

From here follow the process and connect your WABA.

Select the business manager you want to link with Com Bot (If you do not have any, it will give you the option to create one)

Add a new WhatsApp number or link to an already available one

You dont need a verified business manager for the number to be live on with, however with unverified business managers, the outgoing messages limit is 250

Once connected, you will have the option to attach your number to one of Com bot’s WABA services.

Integrating Com Bot With Rapidbott

Once your WABA is connected in Com Bot. Click on the copy icon just beside the API Key

For Cloud API

Click on Cloud,

Copy the following details:


Bearer Token

WA Channel ID

Copy your number as well:

On your Rapidbott dashboard, click on Bots, and click on “Whatsapp”, Then Click on WABA.

Paste the data copied previously here,

Once done, click “Add” and your phone will be connected to Rapidbott.

For On-Premise API

Click on On-Premise, copy the URL as well as the bearer code, and paste it into Rapidbott as described above. Under WA Channel ID, copy the bearer token and then click on “Add” to add your number using On-Premise API

For Migrations From Different Provider

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