Voice Channel Common Errors

Error: “Application Error”

If you are calling your voice channel in Rapidbott, and somehow you hear “application error”, this can be a few reasons:

· Your twilio account is still on free trial, there may be some limitations on the free trial account. solution is to upgrade to a paid twilio account.

· You have used a few actions, like openAI or chat completion from the start, and it takes time to get a response, so Twilio faces the timeout issue, and then it will show the application error. The solution is to send a message first, and or use “music on hold” as early as possible.

Error: “Unable to create record. Account not allowed to call xxxx”

So by default, Twilio has some Geo-location restrictions if you want to call or send SMS internationally.


so you will need to enable Geo permission for your Twilio number:


These are easily accessible from your twilio dashboard.

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