Connect with WhatsApp Cloud API

Embedded signup is a convenient way to register your sender on the WhatsApp Business API directly from the Rapidbott website. After registration, you can start using the API with the help of Rapidbott to enhance your customer engagement experience.

It’s highly recommended that you start WhatsApp Cloud API with a verified meta business manager.

However it’s not mandatory to do so.

You can create a new meta business manager in the process if you don’t already have one.


Before you can start using WhatsApp Business API, you'll need the following:

  • A Facebook account.

  • Administrator access to your Meta Business Manager account. If you don't have a Meta Business Manager account, you can create one during the embedded signup process. also the meta business account must not be blocked (here you can see if there are any restrictions on your META business account)

  • Credit Card (Mastercard / Visa → No American Express!)

  • A phone number that can be registered as a sender. This number must not be connected to any WhatsApp account (private or WhatsApp Business API). You'll need access to this number to receive an SMS or a voice call for verification. If you have an existing account, you can find instructions on how to delete it here.

Video Instructions

In this video, you can find a step by step guide of how to set up WhatsApp Cloud:

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1: Sign in with Facebook

To start the process, log into the Rapidbott platform, and navigate to the “dashboard” and click “WhatsApp Cloud” from the left sidebar, and click “ Connect WhatsApp Cloud” Button:

In the popup window, login your facebook account or select the account that you already login in your browser.

Step 2: Create or Select a Meta Business Manager account

You can either select an existing Meta Business Manager account on which you have administrator permissions or create a new Meta Business Manager account. To create a new account, you will need to prepare the following information:

  • Legal business name

  • Business phone number

  • Business website

  • Business email address

  • Country

  • Corporate address

  • City

  • State/province/region

Please note that the new created meta business manager will be “unverified”, you will be recommended to verify your meta business manager as soon as possible. You can follow the instruction here.

Step 3: Create WhatsApp Business Profile

1.Enter the name of your WhatsApp Business Account (WABA)

Your audience will not see this information on your WhatsApp profile.

2.Enter the name of your WhatsApp Business Profile Display Name

Display Names

Display names need to be reviewed by Meta, which is one of the important factors in increasing the number limit.

A display name must have consistent branding with external sources (for example, a company's website or marketing).

Display names should be related to your business and must not violate WhatsApp Commerce and Business policies. In addition, the display name must comply with WhatsApp display name guidelines.

3.Choose a business category from the list

4.Enter a description for your business

You can edit the description at any time, including after sender verification.

Step 4: Verify WhatsApp Business Number

  1. Enter the phone number that you want to use as your WhatsApp business number. Please note this phone number can’t use any WhatsApp services.

  2. Choose one of the following verification methods:

  • SMS

  • Voice call

Once your number is verified,

you will be redirect to the screen below, and click “finish” button, you will be redirect back to Rapidbott platform.

Step 5: Complete registration your number

Once you’re redirected to Rapidbott platform, you will see the screen below, and click “Sync Numbers” button:

and you will see the numbers you just registrated inside of Rapidbott platform. By default, the status is “Paused”, you need to switch the status to “Active”.

By default, if you go to “WhatsApp manager”, and then go to “Phone numbers”, you will notice the status is “Pending” as per the screenshot below:

Now, if you go back to Rapidbott, and click the “settings” as per the screenshot below, and click “Register number”, and register your number:

And once your complete the registration, and then you will see your phone number status is “Connected” now.

And now your bot is ready to test!

But before you start testing, it’s very important to set up your billings & verified your meta business manager(it’s not mandatory, but it’s highly recommended to do)

Before you send any template message to test or push your chatbot to live, connect your valid credit card to the billing section in WhatsApp Manager.

Also, It’s risky to get your number/meta business manager account restricted if you don’t have a verified meta business manager account.

Step 6: Do a quick connection check

Once the WhatsApp number is connected, you can click “Create flow” and create a simple flow in your main flow.

Click the “Publish” button to publish the flow, and then send any message from your personal whatsapp number to this WhatsApp Cloud API number.

You should get the text message back. If you see the message, then the connection is all good. Your bot is repsonsive & working well.

Now, you can go to “content”, “Message Templates”, and click “Sync” button, If you don’t see any error message, then the WhatsApp template message is working as well.

Please note, there isn’t any template message will actually sync back to Rapidbott when you just started. You can also click “ + New Template” and create a new WhatsApp template message right from Rapidbott.

Last, you can go to “WhatsApp manager” in your meta business manager, and connect a valid credit card to the billing, and then you can test to send a WhatsApp template message to a whatsApp user.

If your billing method is valid, the template message should delivered without any issue.

If you done all the test, then your WhatsApp Cloud API is corrected connected.

WhatsApp Cloud Settings

Rapidbott offer a few settings that can help you manage your WhatsApp API easily, if you click the 3 dots in the WhatsApp Cloud, and you will find the settings below:

  • Health Check

  • Business Verification Status

  • Check payment method

  • Phone numbers

  • Message Templates

  • Catalog

  • Two Factor Authentication

  • De-Register number

Business verification process of BM(Optional)

If you have not completed the Business Verification process, you will be limited to associating with only two phone numbers and can have a maximum of 250 conversations per day.

If this limit is exceeded, the account will be automatically canceled after 15 days.

However, during this period, you can still test the service. Once your business has been verified, you can associate WABA with up to 20 phone numbers and the conversation limit will increase to 1000 per day.

Check payment method

The first thing when you you do is to connect a valid credit card to your WABA numbers. If you haven’t connect to a valid card, and start sending WhatsApp template message, you will see the error below:

[ { "error_code": 141006, "error_description": "There is an error with the payment method.", "possible_solution": "There was an error with your payment method. Please add a new payment method to the account." } ]

Just just need to connect a valid credit card with your waba numbers.

Health Check

If you click the health check, you will see the screenshot below:

his will give you an overview of your phone number status, WABA status, Meta Business account status.

Phone numbers

A WhatsApp Business Account (WABA) needs a valid phone number that is dedicated to using the WhatsApp Business Platform.

This guide introduces how to choose phone numbers, add them to your account, and related sending limitations.

Once you click this option, you will be redirect to “phone numbers” in your WhatsApp manager, and the status of your phone number will falls into below categories:

Status is classified as follows:

  • Connected: Sender functions normally.

  • Flagged: This status occurs when the sender quality rating reaches a low (red) state. During this state, you cannot upgrade the messaging limit tier. If the quality rating improves to either a medium or high state within 7 days from the day the sender status was moved to Flagged, the status changes to Connected. If the quality rating does not improve, the sender status returns to Connected, but the messaging limit decreases to the next lower tier. The lowest tier for verified businesses is Tier 1.

  • Restricted: This status occurs when the sender reaches the messaging limit. During the Restricted phase, you cannot send any outbound (notification) messages until the 24-hour window is reset. You can only respond to messages that end users initiate.

  • Pending: You can click “registrate numbers” to connect your phone numbers.

Add a phone number to a WABA

Currently, each Verified Meta Business Manager can have up to 20 phone numbers, regardless of the number of WABAs.

If you would like to add a new number, please add it through the embedded signup process.

Change display name

Each phone number has its display name, and this name should be related to your company name or brand name. The display name will be reviewed by Meta. You can go to Meta to change the name.

Delete phone number from a WABA

For complete removal, please follow the steps below:

  1. In the Business Manager, go to your Business Settings page.

  2. Go to Settings > Business Settings > WhatsApp Accounts > WhatsApp Manager > Phone Numbers.

  3. From the WhatsApp Manager, find the phone number that you wish to delete. Click on the trash icon under Delete in the upper right.

  • Only a business admin for the WhatsApp Business Account can delete a phone number.

  • A number can not be deleted if the business has sent paid messages within the last 30 days using that number.

  • Once a number has been deleted from the WhatsApp Business Platform, it can be used again in the WhatsApp app, or may be registered again in the WhatsApp Business Platform. Note that different rules apply to deleted phones that had been banned by the WhatsApp Business Platform.

Message Templates

This link will redirect you to the WhatsApp template section in WhatsApp manager, and you can create & submit template directly in WhatsApp manager, and once the template is approved, you can go to Rapidbott to sync the template back to Rapidbott.

You can also click “New Template” button in Rapidbott, and then you can directly create and submit template right inside of Rapidbott.


Businesses can enable Catalogs to share products with customers using Multi and Single-Product messages or showcase their products and services to their customers in the WhatsApp App, allowing them to browse through and add items to their cart without leaving the conversation, providing a seamless and convenient shopping experience.

If you click the “Catalog” link, you will be redirect to WhatsApp Manager, and click “Catalog”, and click “Choose a Catalog”, from the drop down menu, select the catalog that you want to connect.

Click “View catalog” if you want to view or manage the catalog, Click “Connect Catalog”, and then this WABA numbers will connect to the catalog.

If you want to sync the product catalog from Facebook to Rapidbott native ecommerce, you can go to “Integrations”, and then go to “E-commerce” category, and then click “Facebook Business”, and login your Facebook account.

After you login your Facebook account, you will be redirect back to Rapidbott, and then click “List Business Catalogs” button.

Find the catalog that is linked to your WABA numbers, and click the “Facebook → Local” button, and then your catalog products will sync back to Rapidbott Ecommerce → Products.

If you open any products that is synced to Rapidbott Ecommerce → products, all the product title, description, images, prices are in sync with Facebook Catalog messages.

You will need retailID to send WhatsApp product catalog message, you can find the retailID synced to SKU in the product section.

Check more information how to build a native WhatsApp ecommerce shopping experience here.

What are possible common errors in embedded sign up flow?

A. Business Manager Account Creation Errors

An error occurred while processing this request. Please try again later.

This is most unclear error that need further assistance. Business account creation could have failed due to various reasons.

==> If you got such error, please use an active Facebook account or contact Support for resolution.

You have reached the limit for the number of Businesses you can create at this time.

There is a limit to the number of Business Accounts that you can create.

==> Please use an existing Business Account or delete/close unused Business Accounts

Your Facebook account is too new to create a business account. Try again in an hour.

New Facebook accounts have to wait for some time to create a Business Manager account.

=> Please use an existing active Facebook account or wait for a few hours before using your new account. The new Facebook account can be actively used during the wait period.

We limit how often you can post, comment or do other things in a given amount of time in order to help protect the community from spam. You can try again later.

Your Facebook account was flagged because of suspicious behavior.

==> You need to use an existing, active Facebook account with no prior issues.

You're no longer allowed to use Facebook Products to advertise. You can't run ads, manage advertising assets or create new ad or business accounts.

You are unable to create new Business Manager accounts due to previous suspicious behavior.

==> Please use an existing, active Facebook account with no prior issues.

Your payment account is disabled

Your payment account was disabled due to previous suspicious behavior.

==> Please contact Facebook to assist at here

A User Can Only Create One Business User At One Time

You can only create a single Business Account within a given time period.

==> Please use an existing Business Account to onboard.

The name you chose for your business isn’t valid. Consider using xxx.

==> Please add a valid name that matches the name of your business.

B. WhatsApp Business Account Creation Errors

User does not have permission to create WhatsApp Business Accounts.

You do not have the Admin level permission needed to create WhatsApp Accounts under the Business Account you selected.

==> Get Admin access to the Business Account to proceed or select an account you have Admin permissions for.

You can only create a limited number WhatsApp Business Accounts before your business and WhatsApp account verification is complete. You can create additional accounts after you are verified.

You tried to create multiple WhatsApp Business Accounts under an unverified business.

==> You can create additional WhatsApp Business Accounts only when Business Verification and WhatsApp account checks are complete. Start Business Verification for the account by visiting Business Manager.

We can't verify the Facebook Business Account that you selected. Go back to the previous screen to select a different account, or go to Facebook Business Manager for support.

The Facebook Business Account selected doesn't comply by our policies to use WhatsApp Business API and couldn't be verified.

==> Visit your Business Manager account to get more information about this Facebook Business Account. If your Business Verification submission is rejected, you should have received an email notification with the detailed reasons. You could try resubmitting your Business Verification if you think this was an error or create a WhatsApp Business Account using a Facebook Business Account that has already been verified.

Something has gone wrong. You will need to contact support and try again.

This could be an intermittent issue on WhatsApp.

==> You can retry the flow in a few minutes.

C. Phone Set up Errors

This phone number already exists in your list of phone numbers.

You are trying to add a phone number that already exists in your WhatsApp Business Account.

==> Go back into the flow or restart the flow to select the existing phone number.

This number is registered to an existing WhatsApp account. To use this number, disconnect it from the existing account. Then, return to this page and re-enter the number. Note: It may take up to 3 minutes for the number to become available.

The phone number was already registered on our platform (i.e., WhatsApp Messenger, WhatsApp Business App or Whatsapp Business API).

==> Go to “WhatsApp Cloud” settings, and De-register the number if you want to use it. or register a new number.

Your verified name violates WhatsApp guidelines. Please edit your verified name and try again.

The name used for the phone number's business profile does not meet our guidelines.

==> Please reference the Display Name guidelines and try again.

Something has gone wrong. You will need to contact support and try again.

There was a problem in creating the phone number's Business Profile.

==> Re-enter the correct Business Profile name according to the guidelines and other details.

D. Phone Verification Errors

Phone number ownership is already verified.

==> This phone number has already been verified. You can try refresh the page to see the change applied.

Your phone number doesn't appear to be valid. Please double check it, or try again after 5 minutes.

An incorrect phone number was entered or we do not support numbers of this format.

==> Make sure the number is operational and verified by a telecom provider. We do not currently support Interactive Voice Response (IVR) numbers.

You have guessed too many times.

To block spam, the system only allows a limited number of verification attempts.

==> You have to wait for about 12 hours before retrying. After this waiting period, come back to the flow and select existing accounts and phone numbers to verify again.

There was an error verifying this phone number. Please try again later.

There was a problem with the verification code.

==> Please retry again later.

You have requested your code too many times.

To block spam, the system only allows a limited number of verification tries.

==> We limit the number or times you can request a code within a certain time frame. Come back to the flow after the specified time and select existing accounts and phone numbers to request a code again.

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