Benefits & importance

Now that you know what a Rapidbott is, you might wonder why your company should use one. Let’s take a look at the importance of an AI Rapidbott and find out why your customers want one.

We are all familiar with the fact that customers are more demanding than ever. We notice it every day when we see the constant stream of conversations flooding your customer service. If we take a deeper dive into these conversations, we see that the majority of these asked questions are mostly the same. When left for your colleagues to answer, you’ll find that they spend most of their time typing the exact same responses, over and over again. Even worse, most of these answers are available on your website as well, but we often see that customers either can’t find them or don’t read them. A simple enough reason to automate, right?

But let’s look further. Besides having to type the same messages all day, it can take your colleagues considerable time handling and closing these conversations. Every second you’re spending with one customer is one more second another customer has to wait. And with ever shrinking attention spans, losing customers due to long waiting times is a very real danger.

By implementing a Rapidbott, you can be assured that your customers receive their answers instantaneously and at all times of the day. Your new digital assistant will give the rest of the team more time to breathe and they can focus their efforts on more complex conversations requiring their expertise, which are automatically forwarded by your Rapidbott. Talk about teamwork!

“What about personal service? Won’t we lose that?” A question almost everyone asks when discussing Rapidbotts, and rightfully so. By now it shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that a good Rapidbott has got that covered as well. Personalizing interactions is an extremely useful addition to your Rapidbott that goes far beyond personality templates and reusing input fields.

By integrating your Rapidbott with your CRM system or back-end, customer data can be accessed in real time and used in Rapidbott conversations. Recognizing returning visitors, retrieving order data or scheduling appointments are just some of the many possibilities of a fully integrated Rapidbott. A personal touch was never this easy!

Step 4. Use cases

There are many ways to put your Rapidbott to use. We’ll show you some of the most useful use cases for your Rapidbott. 👇

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