SMS Channel Common Errors

Error: “Message not sent because outside telemarketing hours”

In the SMS channel, there is a settings of Telemarketing hours, you can find this settings in SMS channel settings as per screenshot below

You need to select the working hours. please note the selection of timezone. If the sent SMS message isn’t within the telemarketing hours, then your message will not get delivered.

Once you set up the telemarketing hours, all the sent messages in the SMS channel(flow, sequence, broadcast) will be blocked if they are sent out of the telemarketing hours.

However, if you are using Action -> Notification -> SMS Notification or Action -> Advanced Action -> Send SMS Message, these two actions are not affected by the telemarketing hours.

Error: “Unable to create record: Attempt to send to unsubscribed recipient”

The person you are trying to message has opted out of receiving messages from your Twilio phone number, Channels sender, or Messaging Service.

You have attempted to message a 'To' number that has replied with "STOP" to one of your previous messages. You will not be able to send to the phone number specified in the 'To' parameter until the subscriber identified by the phone number has responded with "START".

Possible Reason:

The end user handset has responded with "STOP" or another opt-out keyword

Possible Solutions:

· Consider removing this phone number from your list of recipients.

· Request the recipient to resubscribe to your messages by texting in "START" or another opt-in keyword

· Before sending messages to a recipient, ensure they have consented to receive messages from you.

Errors: “User is not Opt-In SMS”

This error usually occurs when you try to send bot users an SMS but the user is not opted in. You can manually opt the user in or use the action “SMS Opt-in” inside the action node block.

You can go to “Bot Users”, select the contact, and then select “Set SMS Opt-in” action.

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