Connect with 360 Dialog Sandbox

WhatsApp + 360Dialog Sandbox 👇

Go "Bots" -> "WhatsApp" then "360Dialog" on Rapidbott and in your WhatsApp App, add "+4930609859535" as a new contact and sent "START" to it.

Copy the "api-key" back to Rapidbott, click "Add WhatsApp Number":

Again put the number "+4930609859535" here and paste the API key. After adding this number you can click the "Create Bot" to start building a flow.

To use 360Dialog sandbox, please note that:

  1. only the phone number which requests the API key can test the bot

  2. you can send "START" to get a new code, but make sure you update the key with your bot.

  3. 360Dialog doesn't allow sandbox users to access their media recourses. For example, if you use a question step to ask for a photo and store the URL in a text variable. You are unable to visit this URL to get the photo because you are using a sandbox.

After testing the sandbox, to set up your WhatsApp 360Dialog account with Rapidbott, check doc here 👇

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