Webchat/Omnichannel Errors

Error: The web chat widget isn’t showing up

The reason might be one of the two reasons below:

· You didn’t whitelist your website domain

· You didn’t install the script to your website or landing page properly.

You can find the “Whitelist Domain” setting as per screenshot below

To verify the script you need to install on your website, you can inspect the webpage source code, and make sure the script is on the page.

Error: “Message not sent because outside 30 days”

Web chat channels will use cookies to identify the user. These cookies have an expiration date of 30 days. After 30 days, if the user hasn't visited your website and refreshed the cookies, the cookie(user) will expire.

Any message you are trying to web chat will not be able to be delivered to the user. And you will see this error in your error logs.

If you have requested the user to use SSO to login in the web chat, and connect the same web chat user with other social channels, you might still reach out to the user who is out of the 30 days window.

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